How to get her to say yes

A guest blogger offers her take on how a guy can get a girl to say yes to a first date.

How to get her to say yes
Every guy has trouble getting a date with that one girl they are crushing on, even if they don’t admit it! Well here are some helpful do’s and don’ts to help you get the courage to ask her out.

1) Be sure to clean up! Don’t ask her coming straight from the gym or in sweats. Present yourself well and make a good first impression.

2) Compliment her before you ask her out. Show her that you are interested.

3) Don’t tell her what you have planned for the date. Just ask her if she will accompany you on a romantic date.

4) Be nice, show her you can be a gentleman!

5) Be interested in her. Listen to what she has to say. Prove to her you listen!

6) Look her in the eyes!

1) Don’t ask her out in a text! You are basically ruining any chance of her saying yes.

2) Don’t show that you are nervous. Chances are she will be too!

3) Don’t act like you have a bunch of girls hanging all over you. Girls absolutely hate that!

4) Don’t act cocky. Be confident!


6) Don’t stand there checking her out!
These are just some of the things that will help you in getting a date with that one special girl. Believe me us girls notice the little things about a guy. So smile and look her in the eyes. Be confident in yourself. Show her you have an interest in who she is and not in her body. This will get you on her good side and definitely get you chances for more dates!

What do you think? What’s worked for you in getting a girl to yes? Or, girls, how can a guy win you over when asking you out?