A Gentleman and Valentine’s Day

A gentleman always celebrates Valentine’s Day in style.  That, of course, means giving exquisite gifts that reflect care and thought.  It always means being in style yourself — being the man who makes your lady proud.

And the lady who loves a gentleman is certain to also give a great gift.  While a true gentleman considers it an honor to be accompanied by his lady – and that is surely gift enough — his heart melts when she takes the time to give him a thoughtful gift.

Our friends at Penhaligon’s have a few suggestions for Valentine’s Day and we adore their advice.

A gentleman must take great care in selecting a fragrance for his lady.  It is not simply what smells nice in the bottle.  It must embody her true spirit and essence.  Penhaligon’s takes great care in the crafting of each of their fragrances.  While I prefer some more than others, such is the nature of the craft.  Nevertheless, selecting from the Penhaligon’s line is sure to impress your lady.

My personal favorite Penhaligon’s scent on a woman is Lp. No. 9.  The fragrance is elegant, electric, exquisite.  The woman who wears it well is beautiful, confident, and glides through social settings with a sure smile.  Her scent is seductive and in command.  Only a true gentleman is worthy of her time and attentions.

For the gentleman seeking to impress his Valentine, he may choose to wear Blenheim Bouquet.  Blenheim is the classic Penhaligon’s scent and is especially nice in the cooler months, though also wears well through summer.  It is bright, citrus, and fresh yet woodsy and robust as well.  It is perhaps the fragrance chosen by Lord Grantham of Downton Abbey.  Strong, confident, bold.  A man sure of who he is and where he is going.

The scents of Penhaligon’s are notable for their subtlety.  Perfect, really.  A true gentleman’s fragrance does not “announce” his arrival.  It does not linger many minutes after his departure.  But it does enhance the pleasure of his conversation and in especially close greetings, is a refreshing finish to the refined man.

So, as Valentine’s Day nears, gentlemen should take care in selecting gifts — possibly fragrances — and focus on providing their ladies with a wondrous celebration of love and passion.

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