How to match your shirt and tie

This is an age old question that confuses many a fine gentleman.  What tie goes with which shirt? How do I know? How can I get it right and not mess it up?  It sometimes seems simple, but can be tricky if you are not careful.

That’s why we were delighted by this piece from our friends at Ledbury.

The advice is straightforward and simple.  It highlights the importance of having basics — like the blue twill shirt.

When pairing a shirt and tie, color family is important — and this piece showcases that perfectly — with a bold gingham, simple blue, and red striped shirt.  All with the same tie, three different but excellent looks.

No, you can’t just put any tie in your closet with any shirt.  And you shouldn’t take the easy route and wear only white shirts with your ties.  You SHOULD pay attention to the simple advice offered at Ledbury.  Buy nice looking, high quality shirts and ties that suit your style.  Then, learn to pair them up the right way and you’ll always be dressed like a gentleman.