The Gentleman’s Bath

Now, I know. I know.  A Gentleman doesn’t actually take a bath.  A gentleman enjoys the heat, steam, and power of an excellent shower.

But, a bath is so much more.  The process of cleansing, renewing, refreshing, and preparing for a day.  Or, the process of cleaning off the day and moving forward into the evening.

It’s about water and steam.  But it’s also about soaps and deodorant.  It’s about being clean and staying clean.

A gentleman always IS clean and always smells clean.  After work, you may not need cologne, but if you’re going out, you do need a shower.

And, if you’re a man who wants to present your best (all gentlemen are always at their best), you want the best to go on your body.

London’s Bathecary makes that possible.  And they feature outstanding products such as the ones I favor from Penhaligon’s.

Moreover, Penhaligon’s now has Sartorial in a deodorant.  How perfect is that? If you’re a gentleman, it’s quite perfect, truly.

So, be a gentleman. Take a shower.  And use the best products to present your best you to all around.

The Scent of Success

Here’s another adapted post.

Yes, gentlemen, you need to add fragrance to your wardrobe.  Do it and do it well.

Sartorial from Penhaligon’s is one I cherish.

You know the man.
The one in the impeccable suit.  Perfectly tailored.
The one with the immaculately pressed shirt.  Cuff links.  Smart tie.
The one whose watch is of fine quality and accentuates his simple, classic style.
His shoes are black and shined and beautiful.
The man who gets things done.  Who makes things happen.
He’s serious.  He’s focused.  He’s in control.
This man wears Sartorial from Penhaligon’s.
He wears it at work … and he’s almost always working.
His suit and look are finished in the morning and remain finished by day’s end … which for him, could last well into the evening hours.
The scent is no-nonsense.  It is masculine and confident.  It is refreshing and refined.
This is not the scent of a man on the town or out and about on the prowl.  This is the man you truly want because he’s the one who makes things happen.
While it may not be a “date night” cologne, it’s the scent a woman will unmistakably note as the scent of ambition fulfilled, goals accomplished, and a clear path forward.
While it may certainly be worn without a suit, it’s not recommended.