Penhaligon’s No. 33 Cleanser

Penhaligon’s is out with a new men’s fragrance, No. 33 and it comes in a variety of grooming products.

As I’m a fan of Blenheim Bouquet, especially in warmer months, I chose to begin my No. 33 experience with the cleanser. Should I enjoy it, I’ll likely consider a purchase of the cologne.

The cleanser arrived today and I’ll be using it this evening. I’ll be reviewing it after I’ve used it for a day or so.

Ahead of the arrival, I wanted to see what I might expect in terms of the scent. Here’s how Penhaligon’s describes it:

It opens in an aromatic burst of crisp citrus, rustic armoise and clary sage alongside a bracing lavender note. Incredibly smooth, the heart is enriched by warming pepper, ginger and cardamom and fresh, rosy geranium. Tobacco, cedar and vetiver add a dry smokiness, balanced by the restrained sweetness of tonka, amber and vanilla. A contemporary celebration of lavender in all its bracing charm.

I’m intrigued by this description and from the rather sparse reviews I found that indicate the cologne is light and pleasant and clearly masculine.

More later as I try this iteration of Penhaligon’s No. 33.

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