How to Choose Chukka Boots

Yes, gentlemen, you NEED Chukka boots in your wardrobe.

They are simple, practical, and look great — especially in the fall, but can be worn in most seasons.

Now, how do you go about choosing your Chukkas?

Well, you could just go around and look at them.  Or, you could seize upon the recommendations of a very fine young lady.  None other than Mollie.  Yes, the one in Seattle.  She’s quite stylish herself, really.

So, here are three Chukka Boots you might choose.  I like them all, well, mostly.  The first two are nice and the third is different, but with the right outfit on the right man, it may work.

First, the Boat Ox Chukka from Sperry Top-Sider

This is simple, straightforward, and goes great with jeans or chinos — try some colors, guys!

Next, the ‘Botas – Desert’ Suede Chukka from Toms

Again, versatile, simple, and fun.

Finally, this thing called the Drifter, also from Sperry.

I can’t say I’m super excited by it, but still … with jeans, sure.

So, yes, you do need Chukka Boots.  And you should listen to Mollie.  She knows her shoes.