Snow, Slush, and Bourbon

A gentleman always appreciates a good drink.  And today is a day that has kept many a gentleman away from work due to snow.  And it seems as if even more gentlemen may see snow (in the Mid-Atlantic) this evening.

What to do when the weather turns cold in early March? Enjoy a fine, warming bourbon, of course.  Nothing warms the body (and soul) of a gentleman quite like a good bourbon.  The cold weather may call for straight bourbon, no mixing.  That way, you get the warmth of the burn and no “sugar-coating.”

Nevertheless, a good Old-Fashioned Cocktail could also do the trick.

I make mine like this:  Take one orange slice and place in the bottom of an Old-Fashioned glass.  Top with a sugar cube or small spoon of sugar.  Splash with water or sprite (if you like it sweet).  Muddle with a spoon.  Top with crushed ice to fill the glass.  Add 1.5 oz. of your favorite bourbon.  Mix.  Top off with Sprite or water based on your preference.  Add a cherry and a slice of lime.  Enjoy!

If you’re at home all day with nothing else to do but read enlightening blogs, it may be more fun after a couple of Old-Fashioneds.

Now, if you’re new to bourbon or just want to expand your options, our friends over at Bourbon and Banter have a great review of Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve.  They’ve got lots of other good stuff, too.

So, have a great snow, slush, rain, cold — whatever day.  And enjoy some bourbon while you’re at it.