The Gentleman’s Bath

Now, I know. I know.  A Gentleman doesn’t actually take a bath.  A gentleman enjoys the heat, steam, and power of an excellent shower.

But, a bath is so much more.  The process of cleansing, renewing, refreshing, and preparing for a day.  Or, the process of cleaning off the day and moving forward into the evening.

It’s about water and steam.  But it’s also about soaps and deodorant.  It’s about being clean and staying clean.

A gentleman always IS clean and always smells clean.  After work, you may not need cologne, but if you’re going out, you do need a shower.

And, if you’re a man who wants to present your best (all gentlemen are always at their best), you want the best to go on your body.

London’s Bathecary makes that possible.  And they feature outstanding products such as the ones I favor from Penhaligon’s.

Moreover, Penhaligon’s now has Sartorial in a deodorant.  How perfect is that? If you’re a gentleman, it’s quite perfect, truly.

So, be a gentleman. Take a shower.  And use the best products to present your best you to all around.

The Gentleman’s Shave

This is borrowed and updated from a post on a site where I sometimes write.

On a recent trip, I found in my travel shave kit a sample of Edwin Jagger Aftershave lotion — Sandalwood scent.
I had forgotten about it… and it migrated to the bottom.
But, as luck would have it, on this particular day, I discovered it while rifling through the kit to prepare for the day.
This aftershave is marvelous. It is all natural (99.9%, anyway) and very soothing. It certainly takes away any lasting burn and leaves skin looking and feeling fresh and smooth.
More to my surprise, I actually found the scent intoxicating.
Not too strong, the way some aftershaves can be. A nice, masculine scent. Softly welcoming. Yet clearly all man.
Smooth, soft skin. A great scent. A wonderful product.

A gentleman always takes care to treat his face well — from fine shaving products to the just right aftershave.

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