The Sterling Gentleman is a common sense guide to men’s fashion.

I am a simple, straightforward, professional man.  I’m offering advice and tips based on what works for me and what I see working/not working on the men I know and encounter.

I grew up in a modest, working-class family.

My mother taught me to appreciate quality clothing — that just because you didn’t have money didn’t mean you had to look poor.  If you buy a few high-quality items, you can look great.  Especially if you care for them.

In college and my early career, this advice was invaluable.  And it still is.

People used to tell me they couldn’t afford to dress like I did.  They didn’t see me buying a consignment suit for $40 and getting it tailored for another $15 — they saw me looking my best.

The Sterling Gentleman appreciates value and quality.  He also knows that sometimes, it makes good sense to spend more money on something that looks great.

The Sterling Gentleman appreciates classic style.  Trends come and go, but a gentleman remains a gentleman.

I now work in a world which expects that I wear suits most days.  And I do.

I’ve always remembered what I learned growing up, though — buy quality and care for it appropriately.  This site shares my experiences as a professional man appreciating good, classic fashion.  For more, follow me @SterlingGent


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