Review of Harry’s Shaving

Last year, I wrote about my switch to Dreadnought Shave Cream — a switch I have not regretted at all. To the extent shaving can be enjoyable, Dreadnought makes it more so.

Now, in this review of Harry’s Shaving, I’ll tell you about another important switch.

When I was 18, Gillette sent me a Mach 3 razor and 2 blades in the mail. I think it came with some aftershave, too.  The razor was nice, a decent weight, felt good in my hand. The blades were sharp — and there were THREE! A big improvement, I thought, over the two blades on the plastic disposable razors I’d been using through high school.

And, well, the shave was better.  By a lot. The blades lasted a bit, then, at college, I bought replacement blades.

Fast forward 22 years. I’m using the Gillette Fusion razor and blades. Yes, a simple marketing trick — mailing me their nice razor and blades — resulted in 22 years of my business.

Then, a few weeks ago, I went to buy replacement blades. And the price is crazy. And I think about the ads I’ve seen for Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club. I checked out both sites, and the prices were definitely cheaper. Harry’s seemed to cost a bit more, but also had a blade that seemed similar to the 5-blade Fusion I’d been using. I decided to try Harry’s and see what happened.

For about $15, I got a razor with a blade attached and 4 replacement blades. In looking at replacement blade prices at Harry’s, they come in at about HALF what I’ve been paying for Gillette.

Of course, if the shave isn’t good, the low price doesn’t matter.

So, my Harry’s Truman razor in olive green came in on Saturday along with my 4 replacement blades. The packaging was quite nice.

I knew they were on the way, so I hadn’t shaved that morning. And once they were in, I knew I’d wait until Sunday morning to shave.

With one day of beard growth, I was pretty stubbly Sunday morning. I have dark hair, so my beard is noticeable even when I skip just a day of shaving.

I lathered up with Dreadnought and a shaving brush.  And started my first Harry’s shave.

I’ll admit, I noticed a bit of pulling at first, but nothing too bad. The glide was nice and the overall experience smooth. The blades cleaned easily when water ran through them.

I finished up and my face was — WOW — incredibly smooth. This was the smoothest, closest shave I can remember having. After patting down with water and applying a light aftershave, I headed off for some coffee.

My face felt a new sensation. Smooth. Rubbing my hand across my face in any direction revealed soft, clean skin.  The irritation and bumps I’d sometimes get from shaving were not present.

I used my Harry’s Truman razor again today. And again, an amazing shave that seems better than anything I’ve ever used.

To be clear, the combination of a good cream, a shaving brush, and a great razor makes the shaving experience. I’ve had the great cream for over a year. I’ve recently added a shaving brush. And the sharp, smooth Harry’s razor and blades seem to be the perfect touch. After all, it’s the razor that removes the hairs from your face. Harry’s is a winner in my book — and at half the price of what I was using, I’ll be ordering more from them.

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