Peter Nappi Nashville — A Gentleman’s Choice

This email arrived today and we think it is simply amazing.  Peter Nappi shares our home of Nashville, so we’re publishing it here in its entirety.  If you’re a gentleman, you appreciate fine craftsmanship.  Peter Nappi is exquisite.  Even the guys at Ledbury think so.  And of course, readers will remember that Ledbury offered this solid advice about ensuring your shirt and tie match.

Without further adulation, here goes:

We have so many reasons to be proud of our beloved city Nashville - with the Ryman Auditorium ranking among the top of the list. Not only is the Ryman thought of as our flagship venue, but also as a beacon of our progressive spirit and dedication to our musical roots. More than the home of the original Grand Olde Opry, Ryman's lineage sprang from a strong community spirit... [ read more ]
Some great acts are coming to town. We hope to catch Morrissey, Dwight Yoakam and Band of Horses. Here's what else is playing... Act fast. We're giving away two sets of tickets for a tour of the Ryman. First purchases of the day gets them. Online or in the Studio.
Our Studio is open Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm | directions: Rosa Parks to Monroe. Monroe dead-ends at Adams.
615.248.3310  |

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