The Scent of Success

Here’s another adapted post.

Yes, gentlemen, you need to add fragrance to your wardrobe.  Do it and do it well.

Sartorial from Penhaligon’s is one I cherish.

You know the man.
The one in the impeccable suit.  Perfectly tailored.
The one with the immaculately pressed shirt.  Cuff links.  Smart tie.
The one whose watch is of fine quality and accentuates his simple, classic style.
His shoes are black and shined and beautiful.
The man who gets things done.  Who makes things happen.
He’s serious.  He’s focused.  He’s in control.
This man wears Sartorial from Penhaligon’s.
He wears it at work … and he’s almost always working.
His suit and look are finished in the morning and remain finished by day’s end … which for him, could last well into the evening hours.
The scent is no-nonsense.  It is masculine and confident.  It is refreshing and refined.
This is not the scent of a man on the town or out and about on the prowl.  This is the man you truly want because he’s the one who makes things happen.
While it may not be a “date night” cologne, it’s the scent a woman will unmistakably note as the scent of ambition fulfilled, goals accomplished, and a clear path forward.
While it may certainly be worn without a suit, it’s not recommended.


Peter Nappi Nashville — A Gentleman’s Choice

This email arrived today and we think it is simply amazing.  Peter Nappi shares our home of Nashville, so we’re publishing it here in its entirety.  If you’re a gentleman, you appreciate fine craftsmanship.  Peter Nappi is exquisite.  Even the guys at Ledbury think so.  And of course, readers will remember that Ledbury offered this solid advice about ensuring your shirt and tie match.

Without further adulation, here goes:

We have so many reasons to be proud of our beloved city Nashville - with the Ryman Auditorium ranking among the top of the list. Not only is the Ryman thought of as our flagship venue, but also as a beacon of our progressive spirit and dedication to our musical roots. More than the home of the original Grand Olde Opry, Ryman's lineage sprang from a strong community spirit... [ read more ]
Some great acts are coming to town. We hope to catch Morrissey, Dwight Yoakam and Band of Horses. Here's what else is playing... Act fast. We're giving away two sets of tickets for a tour of the Ryman. First purchases of the day gets them. Online or in the Studio.
Our Studio is open Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm | directions: Rosa Parks to Monroe. Monroe dead-ends at Adams.
615.248.3310  |

A Gentleman’s Dress Shoes

Another adapted post.  Sage advice for gentlemen on choosing shoes.

Yes, every man should have at least one good pair of BLACK dress shoes.
Like these:

These are from Cole Haan — the Cassady Captoe II, to be specific.  Leather.  Black.  Lace up.
Men’s dress shoes have LACES.  Loafers or “slip-on” shoes do NOT go with your well-chosen, tailored suit.  Ever.  Grey trousers, blue sport coat, tie and possibly slip-on leather shoes.  But NOT with a suit.
If you are escorting your girlfriend to a wedding, you NEED a pair of shoes like these.  This particular pair will run you between $100 and $140 depending on where you buy.  That’s a great deal.  I tried a pair on last night and they are comfortable, classy, and will make any suit look great.  Cole Haan is a solid brand and they make quality products.  So, ditch the square-toed loafers you wore with a suit in college — get these! Wear them with a suit to a wedding, a job interview, or anywhere else that calls for dress clothes.

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Snow, Slush, and Bourbon

A gentleman always appreciates a good drink.  And today is a day that has kept many a gentleman away from work due to snow.  And it seems as if even more gentlemen may see snow (in the Mid-Atlantic) this evening.

What to do when the weather turns cold in early March? Enjoy a fine, warming bourbon, of course.  Nothing warms the body (and soul) of a gentleman quite like a good bourbon.  The cold weather may call for straight bourbon, no mixing.  That way, you get the warmth of the burn and no “sugar-coating.”

Nevertheless, a good Old-Fashioned Cocktail could also do the trick.

I make mine like this:  Take one orange slice and place in the bottom of an Old-Fashioned glass.  Top with a sugar cube or small spoon of sugar.  Splash with water or sprite (if you like it sweet).  Muddle with a spoon.  Top with crushed ice to fill the glass.  Add 1.5 oz. of your favorite bourbon.  Mix.  Top off with Sprite or water based on your preference.  Add a cherry and a slice of lime.  Enjoy!

If you’re at home all day with nothing else to do but read enlightening blogs, it may be more fun after a couple of Old-Fashioneds.

Now, if you’re new to bourbon or just want to expand your options, our friends over at Bourbon and Banter have a great review of Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve.  They’ve got lots of other good stuff, too.

So, have a great snow, slush, rain, cold — whatever day.  And enjoy some bourbon while you’re at it.

The Gentleman’s Shave

This is borrowed and updated from a post on a site where I sometimes write.

On a recent trip, I found in my travel shave kit a sample of Edwin Jagger Aftershave lotion — Sandalwood scent.
I had forgotten about it… and it migrated to the bottom.
But, as luck would have it, on this particular day, I discovered it while rifling through the kit to prepare for the day.
This aftershave is marvelous. It is all natural (99.9%, anyway) and very soothing. It certainly takes away any lasting burn and leaves skin looking and feeling fresh and smooth.
More to my surprise, I actually found the scent intoxicating.
Not too strong, the way some aftershaves can be. A nice, masculine scent. Softly welcoming. Yet clearly all man.
Smooth, soft skin. A great scent. A wonderful product.

A gentleman always takes care to treat his face well — from fine shaving products to the just right aftershave.

For more on men’s fragrance, check this out.

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